Pigtails & Lollypops

People sometimes ask me where my ideas come from….well I am not sure how my brain works out all this stuff but sometimes it gets a bit of help. This album idea was inspired by this paper I saw from BoBunny called Modern Miss. The colours are not the ones I prefer working with but it brought a smile to my face and it reminded me of when I was a little girl. I did have Pigtails and I loved Lollypops hence the title. I must say it turned out pretty cute…


The album isn’t to big only 6 1/2 x 6 but still large enough to put some 4×6 pictures in it. It has six pages but with a little twist. The pages are doubles which means you have 12 pages to put your pictures on.


For the base pages I used 6 different colours that fi the paper line just to keep the nice cheerful theme going.


On the front and back you will find pockets with tags, and the pockets a cut with a slight angle. I gave each tag a nice pull just to make it a bit easier to take them out.


As I said the pages are double pages which means you will have to large area’s in the middle of each page for some nice size pictures.

It was a fun album to make and I’m pleased with it but I got one little problem….I don’t have a daughter but a son so I will be looking for a nice home for this album. Who knows I just might ship it to somebody with a cute daughter or a granddaughter. I already had my fun making it so now it can bring a smile to somebody elses face🙂

That is all for today I better get moving on finishing my tutorial for a cute Srapadabadoo project I have made or I will not be allowed to start a new project hahaha. I hope to catch you all again very soon and don’t forget….stay safe and scrap on!!